Menorah Design Competition


Great minds compete in the ultimate Chanukah challenge to build a creative functioning Menorah and have 3 Jewish Big Thinkers love it!

This competition is open to ALL students of Georgie Tech & Georgia State.

1st Prize $500 CASH

Chosen by a panel of 3 expert judges:

  • Mr. Paul Benamy; President Benamy International - Houseworks & Kids Workshop at Home Depot
  • Dr. Jeff Jagoda; Georgia Tech professor of Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr. Joel Sokol, Georgia Tech professor of Industrial & SYstems Engineering

2nd Prize $200 CASH

People's Choice Award
Voted on by all those in attendance at the Showcase Event

SIGN UP and JOIN below before November 1st.
Showcase Event will take place November 15th.
All are invited to attend. Chanukah buffet dinner will be served.


The single requirement for this competition is that the final product must be a functioning Kosher Menorah.

  • It can be electric, oil, or candle lit.
  • It must have 8 individual branches and a 9th branch that is higher, lower or separate from the rest.
  • The 8 branches must be level and form a straight line.
  • Maximum height is 31 feet (try it!).


  • Aesthetic quality: Is the concept’s form pleasant to look at?
  • Ingenuity and Innovation: Is the product creative and unique? Is there a Wow factor?
  • Execution of design and quality of craft: How well did they execute their design? Is the design structurally stable and fire-proof?
  • Representation of idea: Does the design represent a concept? Does it offer the user a practical connection to an age old tradition?

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